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Better Together: Quantumleaf Provided by Rockton Connect

Shadi McFadden Tyson Sep 9, 2021 10:00:00 AM
Quantumleaf provided by Rockton Connect

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In the cannabis industry, finding a business management software that scales your operations from cultivation to point-of-sale seems almost impossible. Many hemp startups choose to piece together different applications to create their “ideal” solution – ending up with a system that’s clunky, unintuitive, and doesn’t get the job done.

There must be a simpler way.

Now that Rockton Connect has partnered with Quantumleaf, there is! Since we’re all about keeping things simple and easy, we’ve decided to bring the power of Quantumleaf, the flexibility of Acumatica, and our ease of implementation under one roof. Quantumleaf is the premier cannabis and hemp business solution, designed to be fully integrated with Acumatica. This enables you to enjoy peace of mind as you scale your business with flexible licensing, cloud hosting, and a full suite of integrated business management applications.

It’s the perfect formula to streamline your cannabis business. Here’s how it works:

Full onboarding of Quantumleaf and Acumatica

Moving to a new business management system is often one of the best investments you can make to grow your business. If implemented incorrectly, however, it could be your biggest, most expensive headache. Going live on time is critical. That’s where we come in.

With over twenty years of implementation experience, we’ve developed a transparent discovery and onboarding process to ensure that you’re choosing the right path and partner for your business. Our team will handle it all so that you can kick back in the cloud with Quantumleaf and Acumatica ASAP.

A generous block of service hours each month

The job isn’t done after you’re up and running. Updates are pushed out and needs change. Since we believe that your software should grow with you, we provide a tiered block of service hours each month that you can use for training or consulting. This means that we’ll help you learn new tricks with Quantumleaf, uncover more efficient ways to manage projects, or even install that new integration. There’s no need to go at it alone with Rockton Connect as your partner.

Unlimited support by phone or email

No one wants to be nickel-and-dimed every time they have a question. You shouldn’t have to weigh whether you can afford to ask your software partner for help with your software. That’s why unlimited support just makes sense. With Rockton, you’ll never have to experience support anxiety. Our customer success team is all about staying up to date with everything Quantumleaf and Acumatica. We’re product experts on a mission to help you become power users. So, ask away!

Choosing the right cannabis business software is only the beginning – proper implementation is a must. You can have it all with Quantumleaf’s premier cannabis business software and Rockton Connect as your trusted solutions provider. Schedule your personalized demo and get ready to grow your business!