Inventory Management Made Simpler

Inventory Management in Acumatica

Filtering through hundreds (if not thousands) of rows and product quantities to manage your inventory can be mind-numbing. You’re left thinking “there must be a better way of doing this.” Well, there is…

One of our favorite parts in watching an ERP system radically change a business for the better is in seeing its impact on inventory management. If you’ve ever seen the robots at work in the Amazon warehouse, then you can appreciate how far inventory management has come and can be pushed. However, even Amazon started out with pen and paper, tracking just a few items and shelves in a tiny warehouse.

Simple Improvements. Significant Impact.

Because automating inventory processes can be evolved over time, there are substantial benefits for each phase that is implemented. Here are three simple and effective methods to improve your warehouse inventory management system and push you ahead of the competition:

1. Automation of printing a picklist. This approach sounds simple enough, but many manual companies (is this you?) are dependent on warehouse personnel traveling to the accounting office to check a bin for slip orders to process. Instead, allow your ERP system to automate the printing of a picklist - it’s as simple as running a network cable out to the warehouse and setting up a printer. Immediately, your entire operation feels light years ahead, without the intimidation of a “new-fangled system.” So buy-in from the rest of the warehouse crew should be no problem.

2. Automation of weight entry. Imagine if your weigh scale could automatically enter the weight of a product into your ERP system, shop for the best postage carrier, and print out a label. How much time (and money) would that save you? Suppose it also emailed the customer that their order has been fulfilled, along with a tracking number. Many companies - distributors and drop-shippers alike - have already begun implementing this exact system (we’re looking at you, Mercari). Don’t waste time in getting your business up to speed.

3. Implementation of scanners. Let’s circle back to our Amazon warehouse analogy: scanners have had an unparalleled impact on the company’s inventory management and fulfillment efficiency. A team member is directed to the exact aisle, shelf, and bin to select the requested item. Product quantities and order status are both updated within seconds for accuracy (and from many devices, you can even report a discrepancy in inventory if the item isn’t where it’s supposed to be).

Scanners also aid in the receipt of new inventory, ensuring that items are stored in logical and methodical locations to improve productivity. Know that you don’t have to have Amazon’s budget to get similar results, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can even deploy drones throughout your warehouse to track where everything went.

How can Rockton Connect help?

With Acumatica and Inventory Management you can improve customer service with real-time access to available inventory, inventory-in-transit, and inventory costs.

Control system-wide inventory to manage your distribution process efficiently and without losing track of costs. Receive inventory to a specific location and drill down to change item default lot/serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more.

Automated inventory management isn’t the future - it’s now - and implementing a new ERP is the perfect opportunity to assess and improve your current business process. Identifying any existing issues prior to migration pays off in maximizing your investment of time and money. When you’re ready to grow, your ERP system should grow with you and it shouldn’t be a pain. Acumatica is no exception to that rule, with Rockton Connect helping to bring it all together (and bringing your team up to speed in no time).

Now, how could your inventory management use an upgrade?

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By: Rockton Connect,, Colorado and North Dakota based Acumatica Partner.

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